Kazakh electronic Musician, Vadim Ehrlich (Ganzha) lives in Germany since 2004.
In 1980 he assembled his first analogical music synthesizer ( a hard task in former USSR! ), shaping up his idea of "sound painting".
At first, as a pioneer DJ, he combined his music constructions with lights effects in his disco performances.
Finally he invented his own "in live" electronic music style called "quazy musical constructions" aka "absurdism". The main idea was - to play all his instruments in real time and no pre-recorded pattern.
All his music boxes (small 2 VCO,VCF,ADSR,VCA) are rhythmically synchronised by main trigger generator whilst the performer controls all parameters manually.

Since - 1984 was a sound engineer of Famous Kazaks Band Dos Mukasan
Since - 1987 radio engineer of Kazakh band Aray (A-Studio) with Roxa Rimbayeva
Since - 1989 is officially registered as one man based electronic band "Ganzha".

2007 August, "Unglaublisch Music concert" Munich (Germany)
2000 April, CD release "Pop Art Concerto" Almaty (Kazakhstan)
1998 August, "Mental Orgazm" Home studio performance Almaty(Kazakhstan)
1989 October, Officially registered avant-garde Music band "Ganzha"-
          starts career of professional electronic music performer Almaty (Kazakhstan)
1989 September- November, "Ganzha - Shai-Zia Pop art Gallery"
          in live Art performance + Installation Almaty(Kazakhstan)
1988 October, Release of Music album "QUazy lirics" Real Tapes Almaty (Kazakhstan)
1987 April, Release of Music album "Marketing" Real Tapes Almaty (Kazakhstan)
1986 June, Release of Music album "Sov-OK" Real Tapes